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The gigabit dual-band indoor/outdoor access point SY-AP-1200-ODAC offers a concurrent data rate as high as 1167 Mbps. Equipped with 2 omni-directional high-gain antennas, SY-AP-1200-ODAC provides a maximum coverage radius of 200 meters. SY-AP-1200-ODAC can be installed either on the wall or around a pole.

SY-AP-1200-ODAC can meet different requirements by connecting antennas of different specifications to the standard RP-SMA connectors. With the IP65 enclosure, SY-AP-1200-ODAC is designed for wireless coverage in factories, warehouses and other environments.




    • Gigabit dual-band outdoor access point

    • Concurrent dual-band data rate up to 1167 Mbps (2.4 GHz: 300 Mbps; 5 GHz: 867 Mbps)

    • Detachable antennas and 2 RP-SMA connectors

    • Coverage radius up to 200 meters

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