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  • How do I contact support team?
    You can contact our support team on 8750555060. You can send your queries directly on
  • Whom to contact for Installation and Configuration of OLT?
    Great news! You can do it by yourself. Please click on the YouTube link and follow the instructions. Contact on 080-69092000 or share your details to
  • How to configure syrotech ONT?
    ONT is a part of entire FTTH network, we suggest getting it done from your ISP (Internet services provider) who has all the credentials for your connection and make your FTTH connection work
  • What is the process for Firmware upgradation?
    You can download the respective firmware based on your product model/hardware version from , OR to get the firmware by sending an email with a screenshot of first information page of the device which lists the hardware and software versions, to the technical team on
  • Whom to contact for MTCTE Certificate?
    Our technical support team will share it with you via email. Please send an email to with your product model number.
  • What products can be covered by Technical Support?
    All Syrotech brand products, which are under warranty. We are always here to provide you technical support. For home users kindly contact your service provider as they have all the credentials related to your services. For Fiber products- please contact on 1800-21200-6122/2 For Entrance Products- Please contact on 9289379972 For CCTV Products- Please contact on 9289379973 For Biometric & Access Control Products- Please contact on 9717259994
  • Can I get support in my local language?
    We are happy to assist you in 12 languages.
  • What is the timing of technical support?
    Our Technical Support is available from 9:30 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Saturday.
  • How do I register complaints about a product?
    Visit our contact page and fill out the form, and we will promptly get back to you with a solution. Additionally, feel free to chat with us during working hours.
  • Who should I contact to recharge my Wi-Fi plan?
    Please contact your internet service provider for assistance, as we are the device manufacturer. If you're using our brand devices, they will be able to help you further.
  • Who should I contact if I am having internet connectivity issues?
    You should contact your local internet service provider.
  • Could you please help me change the username and password of the device?
    If the default username/password on the device is not working, please first contact your internet service provider, as they might have been changed during the initial installation. If the issue persists, kindly drop an email to
  • How can one reset a Syrotech router?
    Before resetting the ONT/Router, please ensure you have all the credentials for reconfiguration. Locate the RST (Reset) button on the ONT/Router and press it for 15-20 seconds to restore the product to its factory state.
  • The PON LED on my ONT is blinking. What should I do?
    If the PON LED is blinking, please contact your ISP as there may be a potential fiber connectivity issue between your ONT and the service provider network.
  • The PON LED on my ONT is red. What should I do?
    If the PON LED is red, please contact your ISP as there may be a potential fiber connectivity issue between your ONT and the service provider network.
  • How can I enable Wi-Fi on my Syrotech router?
    If your product supports Wi-Fi, it is enabled by default. The default password is printed on the label of the ONT/Router.
  • I am unable to connect to Wi-Fi on my phone/laptop. Could you please provide support?
    Please check if you are within the Wi-Fi range of your ONT/Router, ensure that you are connecting to the correct SSID, and verify that the entered password/key is correct.
  • Why is my FTTH internet slow when accessed via Wi-Fi?
    The speeds achievable over Wi-Fi depend on factors such as proximity to the Wi-Fi ONT/router and other considerations, including interference from nearby Wi-Fi networks. Opt for dual-band Wi-Fi routers/ONT that support the latest standards like 802.11 AC/802.11 AX. Connecting to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band can minimize interference and enhance speeds, although the range may be slightly reduced.
  • What factors could affect my speed and range? Why am I not getting proper Speed?
    For best performance test, we recommend a direct Ethernet (LAN) cable connection. Internet speeds over a wired connection (Cat 5 or Cat 6 ethernet cable) are faster compared to wireless speeds. Check your speed on LAN if it’s as per your plan. • There are many factors that adversely impact your home Wi-Fi performance, these are: - Types of wireless client devices its processor and operating system: older phones and laptops that have older Wi-Fi protocols 802.11b/g will give you lower speed. - Number of devices in use: the more the devices, the more the load on the router and the lesser the speed. - Distance from the router: the 2.4 GHz channel gives you range but lower speeds, while the 5 GHz channel is less crowded, gives you higher speed but for shorter distances. - Network interference in your home. In high-rise buildings, with multiple flats on the same floor, signal interference from your neighbor’s router impacts the reach and speed of your router. - Building materials, in-home obstructions affect signal strength. - Location of your Wi-Fi router. Do place your router in a central, elevated spot. Your router should also be away from sources of electrical interference such as microwaves, cordless phones and TVs.
  • My Wi-Fi signal is weak in the corner of my room. What can I do to improve it?
    Wi-Fi signal strength depends on how close you are to the Wi-Fi router. Walls and other obstacles like cabinets obstruct the signal and reduce the signal strength thereby seriously impacting the signals and speeds. Keep your desktops, laptops, mobiles and other devices closer to the Wi-Fi router / ONT so that you will be having a better Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi coverage can be extended to other rooms by employing Wi-Fi mesh network devices or by installing additional Wireless Access Points or Wi-Fi extenders which are now available.
  • Do you provide installation services as well?
    No, we do not provide installation.
  • What is RMA and why do I need service?
    RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization. It is a unique identifier used to track product returns from customers for warranty purpose or any other reason. You need an RMA to ensure that your return is processed correctly.
  • How do I request RMA?
    You can request an RMA by filling out a form or contacting us at +91-9910019308 or via email at
  • What information do I need to provide when requesting an RMA?
    You will typically need to provide your invoice copy with product description, product serial number, MAC ID, and the reason for the return or mention the problem facing with the product.
  • How do I send my RMA?
    You have to send your product along with all requested details to our address using any postal or courier service, or you can visit our NOIDA office.
  • Do I need to pay for return shipping?
    Generally, you have to send your product to our RMA division at your own cost, and we will ship the repaired or replaced product at our expense through courier or postal services, depending on the available services for your location.
  • How long does it take to process an RMA?
    Generally, DOA (Dead on Arrival) products are processed immediately upon the arrival of faulty products*, while other faulty return products are processed within a week's time (7 days). *Subject to the availability of stock.
  • What happens after I send my product back with an RMA?
    The returned/faulty product is inspected by engineers/technicians based on the return reason/problem. Depending on the assessment, a product replacement will be issued to the customer.
  • Can I return an item with a burnt or water damage issue?
    RMA cannot be processed if the product has been burnt or water damaged. The product cannot be covered under warranty in this condition.
  • To whom should I contact to inquire about the product I sent for service?
    Please contact our RMA team. We are happy to assist you.
  • To whom should I reach out for product replacement?
    Please contact our RMA team.
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