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Syrotech Security:
Setting New Standards, Securing Your World

Welcome to Syrotech Security, where innovation meets excellence in safeguarding your assets. We offer top-tier security solutions tailored to your needs, from surveillance systems to robust access control. With our commitment to staying ahead of threats and our expert team, we provide unparalleled protection for businesses and individuals. Trust Syrotech Security to redefine industry standards and ensure your peace of mind.

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CCTV cameras provide real-time surveillance, deterring crime and enhancing safety, while also offering remote monitoring capabilities that empower proactive security management.

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Comprehensive Surveillance

Remote Monitoring

Intelligent Analytics

Enhanced Integration

High Definition Clarity

Home Security Camera
Features of Home Security Camera
Syrotech Security Solutions.

Syrotech Smart Solution: Everything You Need to Know About Our Security Surveillance

Smart surveillance and security systems provide a win-win solution for a property's or asset's safety. A typical CCTV system may be enhanced with real-time identity verification, instantaneous security warnings, and access control by integrating smart security features like sensors and computer vision. Inventing a reputed security surveillance solution is one of the best and safest things you can do to protect your assets.

Syrotеch Nеtworks journey of innovation and еxcеllеncе has lеd us to bеcomе a lеading technological brand established by GO IP Global Services Pvt. in survеillancе systеm solutions. With over 30 years of еxpеriеncе, we offer surveillance solutions mееting industry MSA standards and ISO cеrtification, еnsuring high quality and rеliablе solutions for our clients.

How to Choose the Best Surveillance System Provider

Selecting the ideal one for your requirements doesn't have to be difficult. You may locate a supplier who provides the security elements you require at a cost that meets your budget by taking these important criteria into account.

  • Budget Consideration: Determine how much you are willing to invest in the system, including installation, maintenance, and upgrades.

  • Technology Upgrade: Opt for new AHD or IP technology over outdated analog options like 700TVL and 960H.

  • Camera Selection: Choose the type of camera that best suits your surveillance needs.

  • Camera Features: Consider the specific features you require in your surveillance cameras.

  • Recorder Features: Evaluate the features of the CCTV recorder to ensure it meets your recording needs.

  • Cabling Options: Explore the types of cabling available for your security surveillance system.

  • Monitoring: Decide on the monitoring setup that aligns with your surveillance goals.

  • Support Services: Consider the level of support provided by the surveillance system provider.

Syrotech Networks Advanced Security Solutions

Syrotech Networks Advanced Security Solutions proffers cutting-edge technology to ensure the safeguarding and fortification of your premises. With functionalities such as Cloud Storage, Infrared Nocturnal Vision, and 2.4GHz / 5GHz Wi-fi connectivity, among others, we pledge assurance for the defense of your property. Syrotech Networks has been a venerated ally for over three decades, renowned for its dependable and proficient security resolutions, placing paramount emphasis on safety and tranquility of mind. Explore our array of surveillance systems for unparalleled safeguarding upon which you can confidently rely.

Our Range of Surveillance System

  1. True Night Vision IP CCTV Cameras

    • SY-2M-DIP: Dome camera with 2MP resolution.

    • SY-4M-DIP: Dome camera with 4MP resolution.

    • SY-2M-BIP: Bullet camera with 2MP resolution..

    • SY-4M-BIP6: Bullet camera with 4MP resolution.

  2. Full-Color IP CCTV Cameras
    • SY-2M-DM-IPC: IP Dome camera with 2MP resolution.

    • SY-4M-DM-IPC: IP Dome camera with 4MP resolution.

    • SY-8M-DM-IPC: IP Dome camera with 8MP resolution.

    • SY-2M-BM-IPC: IP Bullet camera with 2MP resolution.

    • SY-4M-BM-IPC: IP Bullet camera with 4MP resolution.

    • SY-8M-BM-IPC: IPC camera with 8MP resolution and BM feature.

  3. AHD CCTV Cameras
    • SY-2M-DHD: Dome AHD camera with 2MP resolution..

    • SY-2M-BHD: Bullet AHD camera with 2MP resolution.

    • SY-5M-DHD: Dome AHD camera with 5MP resolution.

    • SY-5M-BHD: Bullet AHD camera with 5MP resolution.

    • SY-2M-DHDC: Dome AHD camera with 2MP resolution.

    • SY-2M-BHDC: Bullet AHD camera with 2MP resolution.

    • SY-5M-DHDC: Dome AHD camera with 5MP resolution.

    • SY-5M-BHDC: Bullet AHD camera with 5MP resolution.

Why Choose Us:

  • Our products are ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified

  • Meet all industry MSA standards, BIS, FCC, CE, and ROHS standards.

  • Reliable and high-quality networking solutions

  • Innovation-driven products and services

  • Committed to providing excellent customer support

  • Industry-leading technology and expertise

  • Trusted by businesses for our exceptional performance and reliability.

Get in Touch

Looking for a reliable security sеrvicе? reach out to us for cutting еdgе security and surveillance solutions at Syrotech Networks. Upgrade your sеcurity standards and safеguard your assеts with our top of thе linе products and unmatchеd еxpеrtisе. Contact us today to еxplorе our collеction and innovative solutions that will revolutionize your security measures.

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