♦ Low back reflection loss and Low PDL
♦ High precision attenuation value
♦ Precision control of attenuation range
♦ Wide attenuation range
♦ Precision ceramic ferrule
♦ Attenuates Fiber Optic Signal
♦ Protects Equipment From Excess Optical Signals
♦ Definable Attenuation from 1dB to 20dB
♦ Available with FC, SC, ST, LC, MU types

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    Male to female fiber optic attenuators are doped fiber attenuators, providing low wavelength sensitivity, high stability, high return loss and good reliability. This makes our attenuators well suited for EDFA, DWDM and other high-power output applications, it’s also called Plug-Type attenuator
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    Adapter is a mechanical device designed to align fiber optic connectors. It contains the interconnect sleeve that holds two ferrules together. They are used to connect optical fiber connectors of FC widely used in optical fiber
    communications equipment, measuring appliance and so on, the performance stably reliable
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Short Description

Fiber optic attenuators are used in the fiber optic links to reduce the optical power at a certain level. Adaptor type fixed attenuator are available for single mode LC, SC, ST, FC types, select from 1310nm or 1550nm, all the products are rigorously tested to meet the needs of optic network, compliance with ROHS standard.
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