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  • GOXP-DWDM-XX96-40

    SYROTECH SFP+ER DWDM Transceiver is a “Limiting module”, designed for 10GBASE-ER, and 2G/4G/8G/10G Fiber- Channel applications.
    The transceiver consists of two sections: The transmitter section incorporates a colded EML laser. And the receiver section consists of a PIN photodiode integrated with a TIA. All modules satisfy class I laser safety requirements. Digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in SFF-8472, which allows real-time access to device operating parameters such as transceiver temperature, laser bias current, transmitted optical power, received optical power and transceiver supply voltage.

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  • GOXP-DWDM-XX96-80

    SYROTECH GOXP- SFP+ is specifically designed for the high performance integrated duplex data transmission over single mode optical fiber. This transceiver module is compliant with Enhanced Small Form Factor Pluggable Module SFP+ Multisource Agreement (SFF-8431). This transceiver type is specifically optimized for transport of serial data from 9.95Gb/s to 11.3Gb/s bit rates.

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