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  • SY-8000P-2S-120W-L2

    SY-8000P-2S-120W-L2 POE switch supports IEEE802.3af/at Standard, the maximum transfer distance is 100meters,supply power for devices that support IEEE802.3af/at standard, so the user does not need to worry that the PoE switch would damage the non-poe devices. And also when the PoE powered device is disconnected, the PoE switch will stop providing power. With simple and reliable design, SY-8000P-2S-120W- L2 can identify the PoE demand, speed, duplex and use the cable type AutoUplink automatically. SY-8000P- 2S-120W-L2 mainly used for wireless AP and IP surveillance cameras, it can simplify the wiring of installation and reduce the cost.
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  • SY-1600P-4S-280W-L2

    SY-1600P-4S-280W-L2 is a high-performance network security need with a Gigabit Managed Switch Layer,
    support IEEE802.3af/at standard, Power distance 100meters, only supply to 802.3af/at terminal equipment,
    and thus do not need to worry about damaging proprietary PoE or non-PoE devices standard. When the PoE
    devices connected to it will not stop the power supply. SY-1600P-4S-280W-L2 is economical for those who
    want to use PoE to deploy wireless access points (AP) and IP-based network surveillance cameras ideal for
    business networks.
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  • SY-2400P-4S-440W-L2

    SY-2400P-4S-440W-L2 is 24 port Gigabit PoE port managed poe switch, auto detection and identification
    IEEE802.3af/at standard PD device, then carry power to it. Therefore do not worry it will destroy the private standard PoE or Non-PoE equipment. SY-2400P-4S-440W-L2is the best choice for mini type commercial network because it economically use PoE deployment wireless AP and IP camera. SY2400P-4S-440W-L2 can resolve the problem of maintenance tedious, wireless coverage, terminal device powered, and surveillance project. Maximum save the cost.
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