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  • SY-8000-8S-1S-L2W

    SY-8000-8S-1S-L2W is a nine ports Gigabit fiber switch, with 8 1000M SFP fiber ports and 1 1000M Combo port (100M / 1000M SFP port or 10/100/1000M RJ45 port optional) uplink.
    SY-8000-8S-1S-L2W supports SFP modules hot plug, and supports to work with other fiber switches, fiber converters and other devices with fiber ports. It supports WEB management and SNMP, applies to security system, electric system, traffic system requirements.
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  • SY-8000-8T-2S-L2W

    SY-8000-8T-2S-L2W series is ten ports 100M/1000M Ethernet Switch, it provides eight 1000M (10/100/1000M adaptive) RJ45 ports and 2 Gigabit SFP port uplink, support Web and SNMP management(optional).
    SY-8000-8T-2S-L2W supports SFP hot plug; Fiber port supports dual-fiber multi-mode, dual-fiber single-mode and single-fiber single-mod; Support to transmit HD video flow; applies to Security system, electronic power system and traffic system requirements
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