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WiFi PA System

The Syrotech Wi-Fi PA system provides schools, colleges and other educational institutes an easy way to install and implement an overhead communication system for daily school-wide voice notifications. Utilizing wireless approach, this school speaker system is easy to install and expand. Using a master control console and an array of wireless indoor/outdoor PA speakers, the main office personnel can talk to the whole school area, single building or a specific classroom.

Our solution offers additional wireless features such as: wireless emergency messaging, 2-way intercom communications, break bell alerts, clock time synchronization, text messaging to LED message boards, remote activation of strobe lights & sirens, interface to the local phone system, and more.


  • Wireless voice paging and messaging throughout the school area
  • Can provide background music playback during system standby periods
  • Innovative break bell and time synchronization add-on features
  • Easy system expansion and cost-effective wireless installation
  • Can be expanded to provide two-way intercom communications
  • A variety of paging receivers such as PA speakers, LED display message boards and more.
  • Delivers coordinated messages immediately
  • Eliminates the disruptions and distractions of inconsistent time
  • Students are no longer late for class or leaves early./li>
  • Reduces maintenance by custodian staff

Integrated Hardwares

  • Ceiling Speaker
  • Wall Speaker
  • Stand Speaker
  • Mic
  • sip-video-phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Tablet
  • Sip Gateway

Ceiling Speaker Wall Speaker Stand Speaker Mic Sip Video phone Mobile Phone Tablet Sip Gateway