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Smart Police & Guard Solution

Increasingly more and more police forces are relying on digital evidence such as photos or videos. As a result thousands of files are generated every day. These files need to be legally archived, and processed in a way to ensure protection from tampering. Furthermore, editing capabilities and legally secured distribution in a tamper-proof manner are needed. A complete solution such as Smart Police & Guarding Solution simplifies working with digital evidence by optimising processes, saving time and dramatically reducing costs.

A smart city aims to be a secure city first, for security there must be smart police management system is required, administration has to make sure that law and order is duly maintained and enforced. Slew measures have already been taken for the same pipelining, but outcome never suffice the predicaments. Police should be a smart force with strict and sensitive, modern and mobile alert and accountable, reliable and responsive, tech savvy and trained. A well thought security system has to be an integral part of smart city.

Software Features:

  • GPS tracking
  • Enrolment and Identification from server using Face, Finger and Iris
  • Audio and video recording
  • Snapshot and document uploading
  • Fir and complaints integration
  • FIR and complaints updating and progress report
  • Attendance, Leave and holiday management
  • COURT Appearance tracking
  • Visitor management with audio and video
  • Appointment management
  • Call recording and uploading
  • Chatting with colleagues
  • Update case and criminal data
  • Root Navigation in map
  • Show nearby police station in map and communicate with police station from map
  • Show nearby police man in map and communicate with him from map
  • Register complaint against department
  • Pre schedule work for each employee
  • Alert call, message and notification on group employee
  • Total travelled distance
  • Daily expenses

Integrated Hardwares

  • POS
  • POS Printer
  • Mobile Payment
  • Photo Electric Beam