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Jewellery Management

In a business where you are selling arguably the most valuable and expensive items compared to any other industry, there are two main challenges that you are constantly facing, and they can be a real headache. Syrotech Jewellery management system has been tailored specifically for jewellery business and professionals. We produce special jewellery tags and labels with RFID chips, each printed with its own unique serial number. They look just like standard jewellery tags, with the added advantage of story information for each piece. We have made each application a turnkey solution to get your store up and running in the shortest amount of time. The applications are true plug & play solutions that include all the required hardware, software and tags in a single bundle.

Syrotech Canteen Management is end-to-end automated and cashless canteen management solution for schools, colleges, corporate, MNC’s etc. Super efficient and easy to use solution eliminates the lunch time chaos at canteen and simplifies the whole process by robotizing each and every step of canteen operations.

A simple and intuitive GUI with facility of paperless and cashless transactions through E-Wallet & POS systems wipes out the manual hassles from your day to day operations. Our framework is based on delivering simple and effective solution by providing you a variety of reports of your daily operations which helps you in analysing and reviewing your system in matter of seconds.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Solution for Large Multi-locations jewellery chains.
  • Smart Solution for Small Jewellery retailers who operate without proper inventory system
  • Automated tracking of complete inventory
  • Integration with Existing ERP
  • Complete tracking of Jewellery from factory, to the Vault, to Sales floor and POS
  • Centralized Purchase order issue and records
  • Approve/Reject purchase order based on user or amount
  • Stock Register , Current Stock Position, and Consumption Details
  • Email/SMS/Notification alert when stock is low quantity
  • Item-wise Supplier Details
  • Sales, Purchase, stock adjustment, Return, Scrap and other reports
  • Stock control can be performed in matter of minutes at any time of day
  • Easy search for any particular jewellery with handheld device
  • Detail of every check-in and check-out from inventory
  • Daily inventory in hands Report
  • SRFID /Barcode based Management
  • Tax/Deduction
  • Cost Centre Provision
  • Financial Year wise Reporting
  • Warehouse management
  • Orders rejections
  • Payment Collection (Head /Voucher wise)
  • Create & Manage stores, categories, types, items

Tag Features:

  • Specially engineered RFID Tag is very small to meet general jewellery industry requirements. The RFID tag is reusable and rewritable upto 100000 times.
  • Hard tags with robust plastic casing design can be used for tagging watches and larger items. Easy to reuse.
  • Soft tags with slim and compact design are easy for 'stick & fold' inside their own customer's price tag.
  • Special types of smart tags with customer's logo printing are also available.

Integrated Hardwares

  • Jewellary Tag
  • UHF RFID Hand Held Reader
  • Reader
  • UHF Card Dispenser