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Contact Management

Affordable and easy to use, Syrotech Business Card management is an organized solution to help individuals, small businesses and sales teams to organize prospect and customer details in one place, send emails, market products and services more effectively, and drive sales results – in the office and on the road

Increase sales opportunities through sharing business cards

With Syrotech Contact Management, You can manage the business cards of your colleagues, your executives, business prospects, existing clients etc. By sharing the human networks of your business world, you will find a new way of approaching prospects that you had not been able to convert before.

Fast & Accurate Database

The accurate database you have inside Syrotech Contact management can be downloaded, and it can also be connected to outside services to make you work much more efficient.

Role Based Access Control

Secure company data by assigning appropriate roles to all users to access different levels of information

Smart Collaboration

Facilitate team collaboration by setting company-wide or departmentwide card sharing, and assigning tasks to others

Data Integration with Other CRMs

Integrate your customer data with other CRM applications you might be using: Salesforce, SugarCRM, Google Contacts, Outlook Contacts or Excel


  • Quickly enter business cards to sales people’s smart phone and company database, generating highly accurate information
  • Easily exchange e-cards with customers in meetings, seminars, exhibitions & tradeshows
  • Centralize all employees’ business cards and customer data
  • Set role for each user to access to the master database securely
  • Assign tasks to other colleagues and set reminders
  • Automatically keep track of all communication activities with customers
  • Export customer data to ERP, CRM, Outlook and Excel
  • Data is always safe and secure behind our military-grade encryption
  • Stay top-of-mind and build the long-lasting relationships that generate more repeat & referral business
  • Instantly access your network and communications anywhere

Syrotech Contact Management System summarizes in 3 simple words only:

Integrated Hardwares

  • Moblie
  • Business Card Reader
  • Printer