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Attendance Management

The most significant and imperative part of any school's management and operation is its attendance management. Tech Smart Attendance management offers an encyclopaedic solution which is far-reaching and all inclusive when it comes to minimizing the staff workload, improve efficiency, accurately track and manage the time and attendance system of students, faculty and employees. With Tech Smart Attendance Management, different variety of integrations is also a possibility here. Integration available with hardware devices such as Biometric machines, RFID based Reader & Cards etc provides our solution flexibility and scalability to cater all the requirements of schools.

Hardware Devices Integration For SCHOOL BUS ATTENDANCE

    Low Frequency
  • Proximity Reader
  • Proximity Cards
  • 3G RFID Controllers
    Active Card Solution
  • Active Cards
  • Active Card Readers
  • Controllers

Hardware Devices Integration for SCHOOL & CLASS ATTENDANCE

    Active Card Solution
  • Active cards
  • Active card Readers
  • Tablets for Teachers
    Biometric Solution
  • Biometric machines
  • Tablets for Teachers



  • Hassle free attendance marking
  • Create your own multiple attendance policies for students and staff
  • Basic attendance parameters(Full-Half Day/hourly shifts)
  • Period wise attendance punching and alert to parents
  • Instantly and easily punch attendance with photo seating charts
  • Employee shift/roster/leave/holiday management
  • Class wise/Subject wise/Lecture wise attendance for students and staff


  • Assimilation with salary calculation
  • Auto SMS/Email and notification alerts for attendance of Students and staff
  • Integration with Biometric, RFID & other devices
  • Real-time & accurate tracking
  • Time theft report
  • Attendance alerts and reports on Parent's mobile app
  • View attendance details on Android & iOS smart phone

Tech Smart covers all the aspects of school attendance management and delivers comprehensive time & attendance system that accomplish the task of generating a wide variety of attendance analysis reports in a matter of seconds.

Hardware Devices Integration for SCHOOL ATTENDANCE

    Low Frequency
  • Proximity Reader
  • Proximity Cards
  • 3G RFID Controllers